Anitta Entrou no Grupo - Campaign

Anitta’s show is called “Anitta joined the group”, we decided to use the fact that the show has so much variety and is so difficult to define to come up with a funny promo where we show Anitta joining many different things, always with fun, humor and a very surreal set. Each set has a wordplay in Portuguese to create an expectation that is surpassed when Anitta is revealed in each scene. I worked on this job as Creative Coordenator and Art Director.

GNT version

For the feminine channel we used a woman’s voice and put Anitta in situations that made reference to GNT’s shows titles.

SPORTV version

For the sport’s channel we used Sportv’s announcer Milton Leite and put Anitta in sport related situations

Team Photo

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-24 at 18.30.01.jpeg

Copywriter: Giovana Cyrino
Film Director: Pedro Coqueiro
Art Direction: Júlia Bueno
Assistant Director: Fernanda Malta
Art Production: Isabella Flach
Cinematographer: Dudu Mafra
Editing: Isadora Chamis
Animation: Degê Ribeiro & Rafael Braga
Creative Coordinator: Júlia Bueno
Creative Manager: Monica Puga
Accountants: Livia Barbosa & Marinna Kowalski & Michel Ribeiro
Accountant Coordinator: Flavia Risi
Accountant Manager: Antonio Rocha
Producer: Patricia Hermes da Fonseca
Production Coordinator: Klemerson Cantalice
Production Manager: Ricardo Leo
Dept Director: Ricardo Moyano
Marketing Director: Manuel Falcão
Channel Programming Coordinator: Renata Rodrigues
Channel Programming Manager Bruna Demasion
Channel Marketing Coordinator: Helena Daibert
Channel Marketing Manager: Patrícia Pieranti
Channel Director: Tatiana Costa