Backstage - Multishow

Title sequence for a tv show that takes you behind the scenes of the world of music & film.
Our idea was to make a graphic metaphor about going backstage and seeing how things are made, showing things can be different from what you expected.



We did some mathematics to find out the sizes of the pieces we were going to build.


Then we made a test

We applied the proportions to 4 squares and, according to our plan, once we placed them within 25cm of each other they would all look the same size through the camera lens.


it worked!


After the test we cut out all of our pieces using construction paper and applying the proportions from layer to layer


Design & Direction & Animation: Júlia Bueno & Luke Bosshard
Art Production: Júlia Bueno & Luke Bosshard & Tiago da Marta
Supervisor: Pedro Mesquita
áudio: Jonas Sá