Bela Cozinha Book 4 - Art Direction & Illustration & Food Styling

This was our third book together, so we decided it was time to try something different. Bela and JP asked me to come up with an illustrated cover. The book is all about using ingredients we are not familiar with ie: cilantro's root, watermelon's skin,… If we learn how to cook using the pieces we usually throw away can avoid food waste.


Art direction & Food Styling shots:

Bela asked me to include the “unfamiliar” ingredients of each recipe in each photo, which made the job a bit more challenging, for example, the meatballs were made out of banana peel so the banana peel had to be in the pasta & meatball picture. All photos were shot by the talented photographer Arthur Nobre You can see more of the food styling  here.


Chapter Openings

I also did illustrations for each chapter opening.

bela_10 copy.jpg

Making of...


Textos e Receitas: Bela Gil
Direção Criativa: JP Demasi
Direção de Arte & Ilustrações: Julia Bueno
Diagramação: Casa 36
Fotos de capa e miolo: Arthur Nobre
Tratamento de Imagem: Momedio Nascimento e Marcelo Gouveia
Produção de arte: Camila Delamônica e Gustavo Fonseca
Assistente de Cozinha:: Eva Andrade, Joana Ferreira e Nathassia Souto
Diretor Executivo: Mauro Palermo
Editora : Camila Werner e Lucas de Sena Lima