GNT 2019 Rebrand

We were asked to come up with a new identity for the channel GNT, their new positioning was all about people, so we thought our logo animations should have people represented in them somehow.

1 -  Food Market Logo

2 - Street Floor

3 - We thought even the simplest pieces, like “GNT presents” should have an human touch, so we decided to film them,

All 4 of them

Making Of


Art Direction & Concept:
Júlia Bueno e Bruna Fonyat
Marketing Director: Manuel Falcão
Managers: Ricardo Moyano e Mônica Puga
Supervisor: Fabio Mayumi
Sound Branding: Conrado Kempers e Eduardo Politzer
Editing: Stephanie Britsch e Javier Cortes
Account: Antonio Rocha, Flavia Risi e Sandro Machado.
Scene Director: Gabriel Mellin
Photography: Marcelo Nunes
Art Production: Pedro Flutt, André Sicuro e Amanda Costa
Assistants: Diogenes Santos e Manoel Pessanha
Stylist Joana Silva
AD: Deborah Engiel
Color: Pedro Magalhães e Stephanie Britsch
Drone: Roberto Tasca e Emerson
Gaffer: Alcino Algarrão