Tereza Music Video

The band looked for the Hardcuore to produce their next music video, the song talks about a sun screen, so we thought it would be really fun to take them around Brazil to a bunch of different beaches and film them, however we had no money for that, so we decided to use Google Street View, find people who were on the beach around the world and then substitute them. 

The Process
We manually erased the tops of the beach goers we found, then we printed those background with the erased tops and filmed them in front of the backgrounds. We also looked for outfits that would match the one the people were using at the beach originally. 

*Finalist Premio Multishow 2013


Production: Hardcuore
Directors: Breno Pineschi & Rato Cazes
Animation & Editing : Júlia Bueno
Design: Leandro Assis & Julia Bueno & Romulo Pinheiro
Photography: Tiago Lins
Color Correctiom: Guilherme Trindades
Styling : Nathy Kieds