GNT Modo Verão - Summer campaign

For 2018's summer campaign we decided to throw the channel's cast in the water. The soundtrack is all about freedom and floating so we thought it would be fitting that they're using real clothes instead of bathing suits. The underwater shapes were inspired by the channel's On Air identity.

Concept Test

Cheap test done using a GoPro to present the idea + soundtrack + underwater shapes to the client.
They approved the concept based on this test.

Color Scale

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 8.51.43 PM.png

Making of

Direction: Gabriel Mellin
Production: Paty Hermers & Ale Crissiuma
Art Direction: Júlia Bueno
Art Production: Quintal Cenografia
Concept: Monica Puga & Júlia Bueno & Pedro Maroni & Bruna Fonyat & Fernando Gamarano
Supervisor: Monica Puga
Editing & Color Correction: Stephanie Britsch
Account: Maria Gabriela Eloy
Photography: Peixe Voador
Costume Design: Roberta Tozatto
Sountrack: Liniker & Johnny Hooker