Multishow Idents

The Multishow cast is one of the most important assets of the 2016 rebrand. The identity’s objective is to show that the channel´s cast is always brought together in the name of fun. Several scripts were written where the cast, placed together in a surrealistic situation, have fun together and work as a team.
*Finalist Promax BDA Latin America

After a brainstorm session with the writers team, we generated 15 different drafts for the idents. We developed storyboards and animatics of these proposals, and presented to the client.




Concept Frame
For a graphic presentation, we mad a vast refference research and invited the illustrator Bernardo França. who developed the concept designs for each ident.


Costume Design
We developed the costumes for each ident, wich were produced by the costume designer Alice Gondar and the prop fabricator Alexander Grilli.



Art Direction: Luke Bosshard, Júlia Bueno, Antonio Simas
Script: Luke Bosshard, Júlia Bueno, Antonio Simas, Guilherme Schutze
Concept Art: Bernardo França
Editing: Isadora Chamis
Sound Design: Eduardo Politzer
Accountant: Lívia Barbosa, Flávia Risi
Production: Elisa Levy, Ricardo Leo, Patrícia Hermes, eduardo Quintanilha, Cristiano Gesualdo, Lara Aleixo
Direction: Gustavo Tissot
Photography: Marcelo Nunes
Direction Assistantt: Nathalia Schultz
Post Production: Átomo VFX
Stylist: Alice Gondar
Prop Maker: Alex Grilli